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Rutherford Business Institute delivers group learning experiences designed to enable leaders to accelerate change within your organisation. We also collaborate with organisations directly to craft in-house experiences that suit your specific learning objectives. 

Our programmes will leverage your current strategy and reflect your understanding of where your business is currently. We will then identify your organisation’s biggest opportunities, and empower your organisation or team to unlock new solutions to existing problems that in turn can make a positive impact on your future.

For individuals, our programmes provide an opportunity to up-skill and learn about the exponential changes likely to affect your organisation, and we help you to navigate the resulting implications. You will learn how to develop over-the-horizon thinking and apply a new mindset to identify and understand the increasing complexity the future holds.

We will help you and your team align in their roles and show them how to implement the next steps in catalysing dynamic change within your organisation. You and your team will come away embracing change and more optimistic about the future of your organisation.

Learning Themes

Critical thinking; High Stakes; Decision-Making; Judgment; Complexity (Complex Adaptive Systems); Ethics; Digital Marketing; Sustainability; Resilience; Systems thinking; Integrative thinking; Differential thinking; Design thinking; Sensemaking

Foresighting and backcasting; Disruption planning and management; Paradigm shifting, product design; Blackrooms, Over the horizon planning; Scenario planning; Adaptation of Artificial Intelligence’ The Future of Work; Exponential Organisations

Risk and Resilience; Climate change; Advisory and consultation

Project management; Protection Engineering; Resilience Engineering Ethics; Construction Management; Commissioning Capital Plant; Expert Witnessing; Safety Leadership; Sustainability Engineering

Toxic and hazardous waste; Clean waterways; Contaminated land; Sustainability; Resource Management Act; Design for Environment/Sustainability


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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events