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Dr Ron McDowall ONZM

PhD, M.Phil, D.Phil, BBS/Sc, CPEng, IntPE; [F.NZIM, DistFEngNZ, MRSNZ, MInstD]

Ron is a co-founder of Rutherford Business Group and its subsidiaries, including Rutherford Business Institute, Rutherford Business Futures, and Rutherford Consulting. He also teaches in the AUT MBA programme and is an adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Waikato. His current teaching and research focuses on complexity and chaos, resilience, decision/judgment theory, foresighting/backcasting, sustainability, governance and ethics. Ron is a Chartered Professional Engineer, a registered international ‘Ingenieur’ and is a former board member of Institution of Professional Engineers NZ (now Engineering New Zealand). He is also a Professional Member of the Royal Society of NZ. Ron was awarded the ONZM for services to science for his work with the UN, and also received an award from the Government of France for service in the field. His international experience with world agencies includes facilitating many interagency negotiations, conferences, and workshops. Ron has consulted internationally to more than thirty governments along with the World Bank and most United Nations agencies. He has consulted to many corporate organisations both internationally and nationally. Ron was a specialist scientist engineer working in the area of sustainable development in developing countries and has traveled the world on more than 140 major UN Food and Agriculture Organisation missions. He has more than 30 years of industrial consulting engineering and management experience with many industry sector groups. Ron is a well-established and recognised international expert on complex systems, the decision sciences and sustainability, from both technical, engineering and business points of view. He has presented courses all around the world, covering high-stakes decision making and executive judgment for hundreds of senior executives. Ron maintains an ongoing program of consultancy, research, and publishes articles for well-recognised international organisations UN Environment Program, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Bank, UN Development Program, and many refereed conference papers.


Associates & Guest Speakers

Dr Sohail Inayatullah

UNESCO Chair in Future Studies, Futurist at the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University, Taipei; and Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne; and Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. He has written and co-edited 22 books. Sohail has over 30 years’ experience as a forward thinker. He has helped leaders from Canada, Turkey, Thailand, Australia, France, Malaysia, South Korea, Belgium, Hong Kong SAR, Iran, Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore and many other countries create the narrative they need to shape their future. Sohail provides the learning framework to consider alternatives and help envisage the preferred future.

Glenn Marvin

Glenn left the NZ Police in 2005 thinking he had no transferable skills in the corporate world. At the time he had no idea the years of Policing the streets of South Auckland and South Canterbury had given him some incredibly powerful insights and experience in human behaviour that would transform his career. Quickly rising through the corporate ranks he fell in love with the world of Digital Marketing. Joining the team at SureFire Search Marketing in 2010 as director of sales he built an entirely new division focused on SME businesses. In a four year period that team grew to 25 staff and over $5 million in turnover and was eventually sold to an International Agency. His open honest and often unorthodox approach to utilising LinkedIn was a cornerstone strategy to rebuild the business and in 2017 he began his infamous “Work For Whisky” pro-bono consulting scheme to help SMEs. This rapidly validated the business case for a new approach to support Small Businesses in NZ. In March 2018, he stepped down as Managing partner of SureFire Search and founded Konnector which is a business founded exclusively to educate and support Small Businesses to become better marketers themselves and overcome their challenges. Glenn is now frequently asked to speak and present by organisations and conferences around NZ about ‘Social Selling’ SEO and his personal take on “L.T.V.” to build personal brand and business.

Pamela Storey

Pamela has a solid background in executive and governance experience across a variety of industries, from health care to environmental organisations. Originally from the United States, Pamela has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and has spent a number of years working in energy, renewable generation, energy efficiency and environmental organisations. Pamela has significant governance experience across a variety of organisations from local to international, holding a number of key roles from Executive to Director to Board Chair in many organisations, including the Energy Management Association of New Zealand, the Waikato Environment Centre, the Council for Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership, and Access HomeHealth Ltd. Pamela has seen many organisations through significant change, growth and transformation with substantial results. Pamela and her husband, Ian Storey, own and operate a 500 cow dairy farm in Te Hoe in the North Waikato. They have a particular focus on breeding high BW animals and developing a flexible approach to farming systems, allowing for appropriate response to a changing economic climate.

Dr Giles Burch

Giles has 20 years of experience as a organisational consultant, coach and clinician, and has worked with senior management, work teams and individuals across New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  Being qualified as both an organisational psychologist and a clinical psychologist, Giles has a particular passion for working with executives who are being hindered in their performance, or held back from achieving their personal, career, leadership and/or business objectives by psychological factors, such as, stress, worry, low mood and other motivational and performance hindrances. He has consulted across a number of industries, including, financial services (investment banking, private banking, venture capital), engineering, construction, media, IT, retail, and the UK Government. In addition to his experience as an executive coach, Giles has particular expertise in the design and delivery of leadership development programmes, performance appraisal and management systems and selection & assessment processes. Giles has taught on executive and corporate programmes at a number of universities, including the Australian Graduate School of Management (University of new South Wales), Mt. Eliza Executive Education (Melbourne Business School), Birkbeck, University of London, and is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at Auckland University.

Corene Walker

Bringing out the best in people is where I love to be! Described as your greatest cheerleader, your healthiest disruptor, wise, courageous, vulnerable, brave, intuitive, passionate and gutsy – it’s a daily pleasure to hold space for what’s possible when it comes to empowering folk to be exceptionally themselves. Whether you are leading from the front or behind, you are a leader and it starts all from the inside-out. As we move into a new generation of leading where emotional intelligence is to the fore, bridging the gap between the Millennials and X-Gen, and following the new Teal leadership style that requires wellness and resilience … I’m excited to be a big part of this global movement. As a mother of two, business leader, traveller and coach, I’m uniquely placed to share practical real-life advice from the coalface. My background spans from dance to the corporate world, to health wellness and personal development, to people-skills and leadership development. This eclectic career and life makes up who I am today. It’s a true honour to serve and walk my talk from this space inspiring bigger dreams. You know that space where I’m the gentle push and simultaneously the safety net into a world of healthy contagious leadership and wellness. That whole purpose, driven warrior princess, save the world type vibe.

Garrick Lynch

Garrick has studied human nature for more than 20 years and has compiled a way to use it poignantly. His goal is to assure that anyone he works with can enjoy a happy, successful, and balanced life, through providing as much new, detailed information from his accumulated experience as needed. He has published books to create a better backdrop for further examining human nature: Hurt, Anger, Fear, Love and Happiness. He has altered perspectives for people dealing with troubled employees, changed behavioural patterns in people with untapped potential, and established a pattern of positively affecting people’s lives.

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