Welcome to RBI

Welcome to Rutherford Business Institute

The Rutherford Business Institute provides programmes, solutions and workshops that are designed for business leaders working in a complex, chaotic and a rapid changing exponential future where high stakes decision-making adaption skills and excellent judgment are required.

We use the impending exponential disruption as a catalyst to develop solutions for building nimble, resilient, sustainable leaders individuals, teams and organisations that allows you and your organisation to be ahead of change.

To do this, we empower leaders people, teams and organisations to become resilient to change and create new solutions by understanding the forces disrupting the future. At Rutherford Business Institute we empower you on how to identify and prioritise new opportunities, evaluate relevant methods and tools, and inspire change within your organisation.


Rutherford Business Institute collaborates with you to create learning experiences that suit your objectives. The courses we design range from individual one-on-one executive courses, to small group workshops, to in-company training on a wide range of topics such as Business Leadership, Future Business, Agribusiness, Sustainability, Environment and Engineering.

Programmes for Individuals are designed for one-on-one and small group learning and provides an opportunity to explore new leadership solutions and positively impact on you and your organisation’s future.

Programmes for Organisations are designed to create new solutions for building nimble organisations, structures, teams and processes which in turn provide a strategic and operational foundation that can respond to the exponential future shaping tomorrow.



Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, providing solutions using foresight, backcasting and scenario planning enable you to embrace the radical innovation and improvements essential for long-term business survival.

The Rutherford Business Institute aims to provide leaders and organisations with the skills, abilities and mindset to positively deal with the increasing challenges of exponential change and disruption across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise and sense making to our consulting projects for leaders and organisations.

Tailored Solutions

At Rutherford Business Institute we understand how to develop leaders who make a difference.  If you, your team or organisation are looking for leadership or organisational development, then look no further.  We can work alongside you to develop courses and workshops for innovation, sustainability and futures development can range from one-on-one, team workshops or organisation wide depending on the outcomes and the courses you require.