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Strategic Foresighting Workshop - Hamilton

31 May 2019 - Hamilton, New Zealand

Learn tools and methods to plan, create and map alternative futures for your organisation’s growth and survival. Gain the strategic foresighting skills needed to anticipate new opportunities, while building your organisational resilience – crucial in a time of technological disruption and uncertainty. Add to your critical decision-making and foresighting skills to enable the realisation of your organisation’s preferred future. Attendees will gain a clear idea of their strategic objectives and a plan to contribute to the business’ success. The workshop is interactive and provides foresighting skills needed to anticipate new opportunities.

Why should you attend?

Business leaders in every sector are facing a perfect storm of disruption, where new technologies and global issues create unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The pace of innovation is set to increase exponentially, most notably with the advent of artificial intelligence. Global issues, such as climate change and economic volatility, increase the complexity of these challenges. This workshop is designed to enable you to face the disruptive future with confidence. Bring along key team members to be a part of your company’s strategic and business development.

Key benefits

  • Enhance the effectiveness of planning through the use of appropriate futures tools, emerging issues analysis, the futures triangle, causal layered analysis, scenarios, foresighting and backcasting
  • Clarify trends and disruptions, including changes in your organisation and the drivers impacting the future
  • Enhance the capacity to progress the process of transforming your organisation towards a preferred future vision
  • Increase strategic agility and adaptability while developing organisational resilience

What you can expect

This workshop is designed to:

  • Empower leaders to create the preferred organisational and community futures they desire
  • Develop foresighting strategies, emerging issues, scenarios, preferred visions and backcasting with respect to changing business frameworks

The following key themes are explored:

  • Mapping the past, present and future
  • Anticipating the future
  • Creating scenarios
  • Visioning the future and creating foresighted strategy


31 May 2019


$790 + GST per person

If your company wishes to send three or more attendees, please contact us directly for a discount.


Dr Ron McDowall ONZM

Dr Ron McDowall ONZM
PhD, M.Phil, D.Phil, BBS/Sc, CPEng, IntPE, (F.NZIM, DistFEngNZ, MRSNZ, MInstD)
Ron is a co-founder of Rutherford Business Group. He also teaches in the AUT MBA programme and is an adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Waikato. His current teaching and research focuses on complexity and chaos, resilience, decision/judgment theory, foresighting/backcasting, sustainability, governance and ethics. Ron has consulted internationally to more than thirty governments along with the World Bank and most United Nations agencies. He spent many years working for the United Nations removing toxic waste from many countries around the world. He has more than 30 years of industrial consulting, engineering, facilitating many interagency negotiations and management experience with many industry sector groups both internationally and nationally. Ron is a well-established and recognised international expert on complex systems, strategic foresighting, the decision sciences and sustainability, from both technical and business points of view. He has presented courses and conferences all around the world, covering high-stakes decision making and executive judgment for hundreds of senior executives.

Dr James McDowall

Dr James McDowall
PhD (Marketing), BMS(Hons), LLB (in progress), MRSNZ, MInstD
James is a marketing technology futurist and has a doctorate in marketing. He was the first in New Zealand to utilise scenarios and futures studies at this academic level. This study included significant research into artificial intelligence and its impact on business practice. Outside of his research, James is an experienced marketer, and works with companies in New Zealand and abroad, in addition to managing his own business ventures. James is a professional member of both the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Institute of Directors, and is often asked to speak on the topics of artificial intelligence and futures at events throughout New Zealand.


Waikato Innovation Park
Hamilton, New Zealand

31 May 2019

9:00am – 4:30pm