Leadership Tomorrow Mini-MBA Programme

Three-day futures-oriented Mini-MBA Programme

A comprehensive business leadership and management programme that provides leading-edge business skills and advanced strategic futures thinking for a disruptive world environment. Mini-MBAs go beyond teaching the business basics. The programme is designed to provide you with the self-awareness and discipline to improve decision-making within your company, helping you to thrive with the challenges and opportunities of working within a fast paced global marketplace.

The three-day Leadership Tomorrow Mini-MBA Programme offers a concise and dynamic approach that rapidly prepares you to handle new scenarios, while strengthening your productivity, confidence and decision-making abilities. You will be exposed to key management concepts that drive organisational growth. From critical thinking, judgment and sensemaking, to personal leadership, futures thinking, strategy development, foresighting, scenario planning, management, sustainability, marketing, public relations and business acumen, you will gain solid and cohesive insights and understanding on how they contribute to organisational success. Through case studies and real-life scenarios, you will be able to immediately integrate key learnings into your role.


Day One 
Critical Thinking and Sensemaking
•   The critical thinking process
•   The art of sensemaking
•   High stakes decision-making
•   How to deliver great judgment calls in business

Personal Leadership
•   TetraMap – Assessing leadership styles and building team cohesion
•   Highlining | Lowlining – building proactive behaviour
•   Drama Triangles – how to negotiate tension
•   Powerful language – understanding and addressing power play

Day Two 
Futures Thinking and Strategy Development
•   Learn tools for scenario planning
•   Methods for envisioning alternative and preferred futures for your business
•   Developing methods for strategic foresighting
•   Design backcasting and roadmaps
•   Future artificial intelligence and disruptive innovation

Management, Leadership and Sustainability
•   Managing complexity
•   Sustainability and resilience strategies – meeting the challenge
•   Great leadership practices for the new normal
•   Making sense of organisations to add value

Day Three 
Marketing, Professional and Business Influence
•   Personal branding and influence
•   Today’s marketing environment; social media, digital advertising, and influencer marketing
•   The ‘future of marketing’
•   Why influence matters
•   Media and journalism
•   PR and crisis management
•   Stakeholder management
•   Government relations

Understanding Strategy and Business Acumen
•   What is business acumen and how do you get it?
•   Gain a better understanding of the key functional areas of business
•   Develop the skills needed to think strategically across different functions in your organisation
•   Start your business acumen plan


21 February 2019
8 March 2019
22 March 2019

Who should attend?

•   those in a management/technical role and need business knowledge;
•   those with experience in key functional areas of business;
•   those who wish to improve their general business acumen, leadership skills, and career potential;
•   those with at least 3-4 years total work experience;
•   those who are looking for an opportunity to stay abreast of current trends in business,
•   those who are dedicated to professional development.


“Amazing leadership course, one of the best I have been on so far”

“Enlightening, challenging and applicable”

“Extremely insightful and mind-opening”

“Very, very useful with regards to everyday real life and work scenarios”

“Amazing experience to spend time with great people and great presenters”

“Enjoyed it, gained good grounding and has really got me thinking outside the square”

“It has been an awesome opportunity to help me think about leadership and what I need to do differently”

“Great how it challenged our prospective on management versus leadership”

“Really enjoyed the overall content covered in the three days”

“Good to re-visit past learning and update your thinking”


Price (full three days)

Full price: $2,400 + GST per person

If your company wishes to send more than two attendees, please contact us directly for a discount.


Each qualifying delegate will receive a certificate upon completion of the Leadership Tomorrow programme. To qualify, the delegate must attend all three sessions.

Our Facilitators

Dr Ron McDowall ONZM
PhD, M.Phil, D.Phil, BBS/Sc, CPEng, IntPE, (F.NZIM, F.IPENZ, MRSNZ, MInstD)
Ron is a co-founder of Rutherford Business Group and its subsidiaries, including Rutherford Business Institute, Rutherford Business Futures, and Rutherford Consulting. He teaches in the AUT MBA programme and is an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Waikato School of Engineering. His current teaching and research focuses on complexity and chaos, resilience, decision/judgment theory, foresighting/backcasting, sustainability, governance and ethics. Ron is a Chartered Professional Engineer, a registered international ‘Ingenieur’ and is a former board member of Institution of Professional Engineers NZ (now Engineering New Zealand). He is also a Professional Member of the Royal Society of NZ. Ron was awarded the ONZM for services to science for his work with the UN, and also received an award from the Government of France for service in the field. His international experience with world agencies includes facilitating many interagency negotiations, conferences, and workshops. Ron has consulted internationally to more than thirty governments along with the World Bank and most United Nations agencies. He has consulted to many corporate organisations both internationally and nationally. Ron was a specialist scientist engineer working in the area of sustainable development in developing countries and has traveled the world on more than 140 major UN Food and Agriculture Organisation missions. He has more than 30 years of industrial consulting engineering and management experience with many industry sector groups. Ron is a well-established and recognised international expert on complex systems, the decision sciences and sustainability, from both technical, engineering and business points of view. He has presented courses all around the world, covering high-stakes decision making and executive judgment for hundreds of senior executives. Ron maintains an ongoing program of consultancy, research, and publishes articles for well-recognised international organisations UN Environment Program, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Bank, UN Development Program, and many refereed conference papers.


Dr James McDowall
PhD (Marketing), BMS(Hons), MRSNZ, MInstD
James is a marketing technology futurist and has a doctorate in marketing. He was the first in New Zealand to utilise scenarios and futures studies at this academic level. This study included significant research into artificial intelligence and its impact on business practice. Outside of his research, James is an experienced marketer, and works with companies in New Zealand and abroad, in addition to managing his own business ventures. James is a professional member of both the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Institute of Directors, and is often asked to speak on the topics of artificial intelligence and futures at events throughout New Zealand.


Nicole Oliver
B.Bus, MPM(Agri-Business)
Nicole is a big-picture thinker who is passionate about helping individuals and businesses have ‘lightbulb moments’. She takes a strategic approach to projects and has an enthusiasm for digital marketing and communications and helping clients she works with get this right. Her areas of strength are in online communication, developing social media strategies and digital content creation, including videography and photography. As well as her strengths in the digital space, Nicole has an in-depth knowledge of the agri sector and is involved with a number of organisations, such as NZ Young Farmers and the Rural Business Network. Nicole was recently a digital advisor and photographer to former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Bill English. She is a graduate of The University of Waikato with a Masters in Agribusiness and is a current PhD candidate.


Corene Walker
Bringing out the best in people is where I love to be! Described as your greatest cheerleader, your healthiest disruptor, wise, courageous, vulnerable, brave, intuitive, passionate and gutsy – it’s a daily pleasure to hold space for what’s possible when it comes to empowering folk to be exceptionally themselves. Whether you are leading from the front or behind, you are a leader and it starts all from the inside-out. As we move into a new generation of leading where emotional intelligence is to the fore, bridging the gap between the Millennials and X-Gen, and following the new Teal leadership style that requires wellness and resilience … I’m excited to be a big part of this global movement. As a mother of two, business leader, traveller and coach, I’m uniquely placed to share practical real-life advice from the coalface. My background spans from dance to the corporate world, to health wellness and personal development, to people-skills and leadership development. This eclectic career and life makes up who I am today. It’s a true honour to serve and walk my talk from this space inspiring bigger dreams. You know that space where I’m the gentle push and simultaneously the safety net into a world of healthy contagious leadership and wellness. That whole purpose, driven warrior princess, save the world type vibe.

A number of guest speakers will also be participating.
Leadership Tomorrow

Waikato Innovation Park
(Ruakura, Hamilton)

21 February 2019
8 March 2019
22 March 2019