Written Testimonials

I congratulate you on selecting such a challenging topic and delivering it so well…Part way through I cottoned on the relevance for the different theories… [I was] left fascinated by this CAS phenomenon and eager to gain a better understanding of the concepts. A lot this type of thinking makes sense, especially in tech development. All the time scientists try hard to regiment innovation and discovery through model builds and hypothesis-driven research but ideas, novelty and interpretation remain king. I have been surprised and pleased at how quickly I have been able to apply the principles addressed in the literature we have studied, the in-class debates and the lectures to my everyday work. MBA Student.

In-house Three-day Course

Ron’s discussion on decision making was totally riveting. He took what could have been a very dry “academic” topic and made it very real, very relevant and used great examples of how he had applied the theory to his intriguing and varied professional career.

Post Graduate Certificates in Management

Some of the students in Ron’s Post-Grad Management and Sustainability paper were, like myself, first time students at university level. Ron was so challenging, so interesting, so totally engaging, that the excitement of learning overcame the fear and discomfort of the unfamiliar. [Ron] created a thirst to learn more. Student.

Dr McDowall’s …real-life experiences helped me relate my experiences to this paper. I found him to be an exceptional thinker, teacher and I was inspired to revisit how I am contributing to society.  Student.

Rutherford Business Institute Course

Thank you very much, Ron. Because I was representing NZIPIM, I am planning to share a bit about the course with our local committee in a month or so at one of our meetings.  I will definitely recommend [the course] to others.

Annie, Senior Consultant and Managing Director, Groundwork Associates Ltd.

I certainly found [the course] beneficial. Please let me know of future courses…

Stephen, Ballance Agri-Nutrients.

Video Testimonials

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