How We Can Help

Rutherford Business Institute (RBI) offers a range of courses aimed at educating, inspiring and empowering leaders, teams and organisations. Below is a range of courses we can collaboratively work with you to prepare a programme that is made up of a single or multiple workshops combined to meet your requirements. We are about delivering learning experiences that inspire you and your team to learn new skills and develop new mindsets.

RBI Programmes

Rutherford Business Leadership
Critical thinking
High Stakes Decision-Making
Complexity (Complex Adaptive Systems)
Digital Marketing
Systems thinking
Integrative thinking
Differential thinking
Design thinking
Sense making

Rutherford Future Business
Foresighting and backcasting
Disruption planning and management
Paradigm shifting, product design
Black rooms, Over the horizon planning
Scenario planning
Adaptation of Artificial Intelligence
The Future of Work
Exponential Organisations

Rutherford Agribusiness
Risk and Resilience,
Climate change
Advisory and consultation

Rutherford Engineering
Project management
Protection Engineering
Resilience Engineering
Construction Management
Commissioning Capital Plant
Expert Witnessing
Safety Leadership
Sustainability Engineering

Rutherford Environmental
Toxic and hazardous waste
Clean waterways,
Contaminated land
Resource Management Act
Design for Environment/Sustainability